Massive Soundset

Massive, like you’ve never heared it before! The bank contains 128 trance, dance, deep house and electro house oriented bread and butter sounds. No need for tweaking, just drop them in your tracks. The wide range of deep basses, euphoric pads, and dreamy plucks fit everyones needs. There are also recreations of Virus patches, since the Massive has features similar to the mighty Access Virus.

Whats included?

Soundbank consisting of 128 presets:
18 x Bass presets
20 x FX presets
26 x Lead presets
20 x Pad presets
21 x Pluck presets
23 x Sequence presets


All sounds are directly from Massive, no additional samples, effects or processing were used!

Optional Midi Files

Having a matching preset and Midi file can be a welcome learning tool. You can see and hear how the preset was designed to be used. Which octave range, the spacing between notes, velocity amounts and more.


The melodies contained in the Midi files are for education purposes only!

Requirements & Download Details


To use the presets you must already own:
  • Native Instruments Massive version 1.1.4 or above


File info:
  • Format: .KSD / .NMSV
  • Download Size: 469 KB (ZIP)

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Adam Szabo Massive Soundset: Soundbank consisting of 128 patches.


Adam Szabo Massive Soundset with Midi Data: Soundbank consisting of 128 patches, with additional 40 Midi files.

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