Frequently Asked Questions

  • The products are sent by email automatically. Usually the email arrives right away, but depending on site traffic, it might take up to 20-30 minutes, please give it some time! Please also check your Spam folder, sometimes the email could end up there. If it did, make sure you move it out of there, otherwise it will be deleted, and you might need it in the future.

  • Due to the nature of digital downloads, refunds are unfortunately not possible. Please make sure to evaluate any DEMO versions available to be sure it works properly on your system before purchasing a product. By completing a purchase you agree that there is no possibility for a refund.

  • The VST Plugins are made with the FlowStone application, which currently can only create VST Plugins for Windows. If one day it has the possibility to create Mac plugins as well, all products will be available in that format.

  • If your DAW or Host does not find the VST Plugins or cannot load them, you might be missing the Visual C++ Redistributable Package 2013. Please download and install vcredist_x64.exe for the 64 bit, and vcredist_x86.exe for the 32 bit versions:


    If that still did not help, there might be other packages missing on your system. You can try installing an all in one package with all the different Redistributable Packages available:


    Another thing one can try is to move the plugins to a more conventional folder like C:/Program Files/VstPlugins/ and scan the plugins again.  Usually this location is better for the plugins.


    Sometimes the DAW can act strange and might be needed to remove the space from the plugin name, so for example rename the file Viper (64).dll to Viper(64).dll and scan the plugin again. One can also try to remove the brackets from the name if the DAW still does not find the plugin.