Nexus expansion: Trance Elements

Nexus expansion: Trance Elements

These are the classic sounds that convert members of the “I hate dance music” set to ravenous trance fanatics within the space of eight bars. We enlisted sound designer Adam Szabo to create this set of 128 rich, dreamy, pulsing, effervescent sounds that are pure, pristine trance.

More info at www.refx.net


  • Raven Nevar
    Apr 07, 2011

    Thanx man

  • Dj Monroe
    May 29, 2011

    Man YOU ARE GENIUS!!! Good Luck!

  • Mark
    Feb 07, 2012

    Any chance of a Trance Soundset for Omnisphere ?

  • KJ
    Jul 17, 2012

    We need a complextro sound set?

  • Pete
    Jul 02, 2014

    Where is the demo for this? Where is the add to cart icon??

  • Jay
    Dec 02, 2014

    Where are these 128 sounds? Nowhere to be found on this page.

    • Adam Szabo
      Dec 05, 2014

      You can buy them from the refx website.

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