JP6K is a synth dedicated to emulating the famous Super Saw sound, first found in the Roland JP-8000 synthesizer in 1997. It aims to capture the essence of the sound and the behavior of the original oscillator. Even after a decade, the Super Saw is still sought after by people all around the world, and is a crucial part of such music genres like Trance.

There are several factors that make the Super Saw in the JP6K different than other synths that provide a similar sound. The original Super Saw from Roland was aliasing, thus creating a bright and “airy” sound. To prevent the sound from sounding harsh below the fundamental harmonic, a high pass filter was possibly used to remove the unwanted frequencies. The JP6K uses the same design to achieve that special oscillator waveform giving it a unique tone.

Another important aspect of the classic Super Saw, was its special detune curve. It was non-linear, which gave the user greater control over the detune amount. Even when the detune control was half way, the spread of the detune was small, which made it possible to make very smooth sounding pads. The curve then gradually increased, and at higher values, the detune rapidly spread out to maximum. This unique curve is accurately modelled in JP6K, making it nearly identical to the detune in the hardware.

The JP6K also emulates other features from the JP-8000 like the filters, key tracking and the EQ, to give it an even more authentic way to shape the Super Saw sound. The synth has been optimised to use minimal amount of CPU, so it is possible to use multiple instances.

Key features:
● 32 voice polyphony
● Two Super Saw oscillators, an upper and lower with panning
● 1 noise oscillator
● Three filter modes: low pass, band pass and high pass with -12 & -24 dB/Oct
● Three independent LFOs controlling the filter, amp and pitch
● Pitch envelope
● Glide (Portamento) / MIDI pitch-wheel support
● Built in delay and EQ
● 114 presets, which includes presets from CFA-Sound, MASCHINENBAUERMUSIC, Mikey O’Hare and Grzegorz


All sounds are straight from the JP6K. Some pad sounds use a slight amount of reverb.

Demo by CFA-Sound.


Download demo version:
Demo restrictions: Preset saving is disabled, silence every 60 seconds. (Because of the demo limitations, automation is not available in some hosts, but is fully functional in the retail version)
Requirements: Win 32/64 compatible system with SSE2 (or higher).

This is a 32 & 64-bit VST for Windows only! All future updates are free!
Please evaluate the demo thoroughly before purchasing!

Why no Mac version?
Unfortunately, FlowStone does not yet support export to AU, Mac VST yet. As soon as FlowStone supports this, the synth will be available in this format.


  • Skywatcher
    Jun 23, 2017

    why it lacks the crucial chorus and als lacks the other waveforms like feedback osc, triangle, triangle mod, square etc?? make a update with these very crucial parts in of these plugin please!

  • Mike
    Jul 07, 2017

    Is there any update for a 64 bit mac AU yet

  • Trance Emerson
    Oct 12, 2017

    I’ve switched over to 64 bit and it’s been ages since I’ve been able to use this fine plugin. I miss it greatly.

    • joules
      Jan 02, 2018

      It works fine for me with jbridge

  • Flur
    Dec 25, 2017

    I’d love to have the 64bit version, too. Guys, can’t you just learn how to do it in another programming environment? This is a very important synth

    • C+
      Dec 25, 2017

      64bit version, obviously, but AU version for Mac would be fantastic.

  • #Big#JP6K#fan
    Jan 05, 2018

    a 64bit Version for Mac… I would die! ??

  • Mylor
    Jan 09, 2018

    There are news for Flowstone 64 Bit:

    So hopefully we can see a 64bit version of JP6K.

  • Michael O'Neal
    Jan 30, 2018

    I’m looking foreword to the 64 bit version release of the JP6K, perhaps with additional modifiable waveforms (square, triangle, etc.)?

  • Georg Reiter
    Mar 17, 2018


  • wjmwpg
    Apr 11, 2018

    Get it on MAC and I’ll buy it instantly.

  • Hans
    Apr 17, 2018

    Got it working in Bridgewize… great synth!

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