Johnny Norberg – No One (Adam Szabo Remix)

Johnny Norberg – No One (Adam Szabo Remix)

Release Date : 05/10/2015

Label: Songbird

This Adam Szabo remix of Johnny Norberg’s ‘No One’ will really have an entire dance floor or festival field moving. Fast, uplifting and anthemic; your speakers are asking for it!



  • bink
    Oct 19, 2015

    i am really amazed at the depth of qualiy you show in your music. thank you

  • Solotrance
    Jan 17, 2016


  • New Music Producer
    Apr 08, 2016

    Your FL Studio stuff is out of this world! Do you save your FL Studio songs to upload like the FL Studio 12 Cool Stuff… New Stuff… demo songs? There are some FL Studio templates of sounds, mixer settings… available online free, like your demo songs featuring Johnny Norberg. The real big deal about your quality of programming is… yes, you can hook up your favorite Music Keyboard Workstation/Midi Controller as “generic controller” and not merely play your out-of-this-world sounds in your demo songs, you can customize every aspect of the sounds-/settings, and do your own custom Layers! You, and the other guys with FL Studio 12 demo songs, are THE best New Music programming team, to say the least, for New Music production!

  • tonnysteve
    Apr 15, 2016

    am in love with the i wanna be song on fl studio 12

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